Friday, 20 April 2018

Squaring up to warm weather!

Warmest April day since 1949. Lovely. Got pergola painted "faded green", and planted loads of new herbs in garden - stevia, samphire, fenugreek, French tarragon, a couple more thymes, pink and white hyssops. Finished green Square Socks. Very interesting shaping, weird off the foot!

Friday, 13 April 2018

Approximately April

Rain, rain, rain, more rain, bit less rain, rain. Garden waterlogged back and front. Got carried away with diamonds for blanket, made a cushion with 28 extras, plus four triangles. Like the way they are fully stretched. Also trying a machine knit cushion in sock yarn leftovers, "thirds" method i.e. make a strip one third of cushion width to size of cushion. Turn 90 degrees, pick up sts and knit sideways. As it needs to be done twice, the first strip is actually double width with a missing stitch in middle, and second part will be done double length with loose row in middle, to define sides.

Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Several items finished

Determined to get things sorted before starting more big projects. Museum handwarmers not counted they are always ongoing, as is the sock yarn blanket, although blanket #3 is probably ready for finishing off now if I have enough grey yarn for the top border. First, that entrelac shawl. Made a few flower brooches from the yarn remains. Second, Handspun mittens to old pattern found in Juskavarkki church. As usual, my handspun has stretched after washing. Third, some allegedly cashmere yarn made into gloves for Keith. Sort of tweedy with bits, two strands necessary, and broke easily under strain, so I don't think they will last long. Water very dark on washing, some is machine oil The original firm they came from sells their men's gloves at £39! Have abandoned the yellow crochet socks, which had not got very far anyway. Crochet sunflower curtain for kitchen will be ongoing for a very long time.

Tuesday, 13 March 2018


Well, Encounter 18 is now behind me. I am so pleased and proud to have raised £600 for the museum, but oh it was so hard physically this time. Seven machines from the sock factory to load and unload besides normal event stuff. Only tiny niggles during the event, easily sorted or brushed off. Some people will complain about anything (lack of biscuits in room? as if I care?). One of the machines from the sock factory proved to be very different indeed, with an extra yarn carrier. Possibly used for adding a splicing yarn, and certainly no-one among the 60 there had seen anything like if-t before, but then I think we all have domestic machines.

Tuesday, 6 March 2018


Computer out of action for nine days. Very frustration so close to Event, but did a bit of printing of forms from Toshiba despite keys missing. When I got the Lenovo back, had to change yellow ink cartridge and it is not working and all attempt to download proper driver just to be able to clean nozzle have failed. So back to the shop they will both go - after the Event. Also need to record here my irritation of people cancelling after the food orders went in. The hotel was Not Pleased - so need to avoid that next time - if there is a next time. Also too much correspondence with individuals, it has taken over my life It snowed! About three inches in all. As forecast, so food supplies okay, and logs. It was mighty cold though. The yarn store had a further reduction on the yarn I wanted, so ordered Cloud - which came out pale blue. Luckily only a few days afterwards, somebody on Ravelry spotted it and bought it off me. Have ressurected entrelac shawl first st=tarted July 2013!

Monday, 19 February 2018

Flippin' Feb

... and today the computer has crashed. I have a draft master plan of all delegates printed out, and their dinner choices, but the last time I backed up my files onto memory stick appears to be 3rd December. I blame the flu. Computer now in the shop, I am sitting here with fingers crossed and twiddling my thumbs (you try it). If all my files are lost after 3rd December, it is going to be a long hard slog trying to work out all the updates. I have resurrected the never ending entrelac shawl Am attacking it by knitting at least one square a day before I allow myself to do other knitting. When I am at the end of this row, It will be slotting in triangles to straighten off the top edge and finish the darn thing. Have had to abandon the idea of a cable cardi - the beige yarn I ordered looks mid-brown. Yuk.

Friday, 9 February 2018

February Fever

I don't know why I thought organising a second Sock Machine Event would be easier than the first. The bare bones might have been, but oh! the details. And all the silly little queries and chasing up of people who says "they'll get back to me" and don't. List now full at 60 people, and, a full four weeks before the event, no doubt there will be more nit-picking stuff to deal with. In hand knitting, had a bit of fun with sample log cabin mitts (why had non-one thought of these before?), and Jukkasjarvi mittens from handpsun Shetland humbug.