Saturday, 29 July 2017

Hang about

At last got round to making more coat hanger covers. The "scribble" yarn will go on for ever, I think. Also can't think what else to do with it, so flimsy on its own, would lose some of its charm if doubled up. Have used lots of material ends on kinchaku bags - not knitted, but the cords are crocheted so that's how they have worked their way into this blog. Plans for rest of year - Yarn Crawl in London, KHF in London, organise Encounter Eighteen (shh! last one top secret)

Thursday, 20 July 2017


The sock yarn leftovers are avalanching out of the cupboard. I am accumulating them faster than I can handknit diamonds for blankets, so it's time to get out the Knitmaster. First up, a cover for the boxy cushion of K's wheelchair. Successful measurements meant it fitted first time. Then to cover the rather nice cushion interior I bought at Dunelm, 12 ins by 20 ins. I had intended a Harris tweed (also yarn leftovers!) cover for London, but discovered it was filled with duck feathers, and veggie son might object to that, as ducks are not usually plucked until they have been disposed of for food. So sock yarn leftovers, worked short stripe fashion, and with a plain piped surround - cheat piping, five stitches worked flat, it curls naturally. The Knitmaster tends to skip a bit on slipstitch setting for tubes. SO that has used about half a bag (of four). Cannot cover the world in random patchwork, so wondering what to do next...

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

July - summer's here again!

Into the swing of things and had an urge to make beaded jug covers. Did a batch of six for the museum, backed with lemonade recipe. They are having a vintage fair later in the year (day after we come back from Polperro, so can't take part)

Thursday, 29 June 2017

East Midlands Techology

Should have oosted this earler to record two rather intriguing visits. Earlier in the month went to Abbey Pumping Station, which is Leicester's Museum of Science and Technology. As it was a small group of Friends of Ruddington FKM, we were let in the Storage Shed. Dozens of old frames and machines jammed in there, including this rather splendid massive circular knitting machine. Only 9 days later, thanks to Google news snippets, I was at the Open Day/Private Show of Shima Seiki, which, amazingly, is here on the industrial estate in the village. The latest machines for Whole Garment Technology use slide needles now, not latch needles, so I will have to be amending my talks! I have found a website that explains bearded, latch, and slide needle: WGT machines have four flat beds, arranged in to V's so they are actually form an X. They can knit down to one needle. The computer aided design system can scan apiece of yarn and project it into every knitted stitch and print it out - had to touch the paper to establish it wasn't actually a piece of knitting stuck on the page. I am very proud to be part of this continuous thread, from William Lee via the frame knitters, the circular knitters and beyond. Despite the b**** racetrack, the airport and the frequent road jams, I couldn't be in a better place.

Monday, 26 June 2017

Nights drawing in?

Just past the Solstice! And a week of weather that was just a tad too hot for me on a couple of day s- hottest June since 1976, they say. I remember that well, queueing up for shops in Quorn by 9am to be able to get back to cool house ASAP. Made a Jane Austen dress and shrug which came out so horribly small (and not having E to try it on) instantly cast on for another. This went well, not needed second ball of yarn so cast on for a third. Thanks to a new fabric shop opening next door to wool shop in Breedon, cold get yarn and material on same day. Material was at end of roll, so can just squeeze two dress lengths out of it. Now thinking what next project should be, especially with family holiday in Polperro coming up, followed by another trip to France.

Sunday, 4 June 2017

In tune with June

Hols went well, but there were so many flies we demolished the fly swatter and had to buy another! Made the Estonian hat inside the first week. Far too big for Erika of course, but a tad too small for me and only know if I would have the courage to wear it. Went mad on the string bag front - Using base of a Tote bag pattern as it was pretty, and less solid looking, than the original "Aunt Lydia". No, I haven't got an aunt called Lydia, I think the original was using the cotton of that name. Margaret had given me two small squarish cones of red cotton, so I'm well away. It is better if both bases made first and joined. Base is 15 sts, every other round is loops of 3ch. Sts eventually increased to 120 with no spaces between, for 40 loops for sides (1 dc miss 2 ch method). Started with loops of 4ch,for two rounds, inc to 7ch on this thickish yarn. Don't think I need to go up to 9ch. UP to about 12 inches, then 4dc in every loop for four rounds, handles over a quarter, using dc foundation chain, then another round, putting trebles over handles, dc over sides.
Also made one glove in red on two needles with a two row pattern repeat. Stopped there, as needed to weigh the ball of yarn to see if I had enough for second glove (I have). The finger seams do not lie quite where I would have expected though. Cast on for a similar four needle version (in grey) which has a three row pattern. Have now ordered shorter glove needles from Woolstack, as 15cm or 20cm long ones are a blasted nuisance at finger level. Back home, after tackling the jungle that is the garden --- Amazed to see how big that one weld plant had grown, especially after unloading all my dried weld on Lesley at the Vendredi Club! Cut side shoots for drying, leaving main stem for now. Continuing Jane Austen dress top for Erika - far, far too small, will pass this to Emily I think. Investigated new fabric shop in Breedon next door to wool shop (oh, so handy!)and got just over a metre of owl fabric (roll end) so may split into two and do one for Jessica for upcoming giant family hols in Poplperro.

Saturday, 6 May 2017

May be okay

The day after picking up the new car started with a sore throat, which developed into that blasted coughing virus again, and has lasted a full four weeks. Not much enthusiasm to do anything, and gearing up for the hols. With that in mind, and knowing we get a fair few flies over there, made a beaded milk jug cover and a string bag that is so small it is ridiculous! So then dug out my old pattern (original made in pink), but using stitch from cream bag for a black one. As using huge 6.5mm needles, found that just yo, k2tog creates large enough holes, rather than double yo. Also cast on two strands of Harris wool. 15 sts, moss st. Will create a cushion cover in my "make a strip then knit sideways" method. Noticed that Wilko's have some square cushions for just £1.50 - will see if I can torture one of these to make an oblong. Too many silly bits of work on the go at once, with sock yarn blankie no.3 int he background all the time, of course.