Saturday, 6 May 2017

May be okay

The day after picking up the new car started with a sore throat, which developed into that blasted coughing virus again, and has lasted a full four weeks. Not much enthusiasm to do anything, and gearing up for the hols. With that in mind, and knowing we get a fair few flies over there, made a beaded milk jug cover and a string bag that is so small it is ridiculous! So then dug out my old pattern (original made in pink), but using stitch from cream bag for a black one. As using huge 6.5mm needles, found that just yo, k2tog creates large enough holes, rather than double yo. Also cast on two strands of Harris wool. 15 sts, moss st. Will create a cushion cover in my "make a strip then knit sideways" method. Noticed that Wilko's have some square cushions for just £1.50 - will see if I can torture one of these to make an oblong. Too many silly bits of work on the go at once, with sock yarn blankie no.3 int he background all the time, of course.

Monday, 10 April 2017

New car

Not knitted, obviously. Used for first time to take stuff to Long Eaton Machine Knitting Show. It may be the last time this show is held, it is certainly shrinking every year. Lots of interest in the sock machine, and in the new plastic Penguin kid's knitting machine. Somebody at the Co-op knnitting group had passed on a freebie from a magazine she had just bought, awful sparkly purple acrylic. Instantly tried it on the machine, came out a very stiff tube, and then decided to turn it into an owl. Stands up on its own without stuffing.

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Not another hat, Granny

I came across rather a fetching Estonian Hat in Piecework, Eesti Muts. It's the shape of a bonnet, with an off-square back piece and a stand up rim. It's reminiscent of the bonnet I had as a child, for which I found the pattern. The photo of me wearing it, with cardi and shorts, on Skegness beach in the 50's, still brings back the shudders of that freezing cold, windy place. Intriguing though to compare and contrast the two patterns. "Mine" is called a Plaid Bonnet, and has turned up elsewhere as a Scottish bonnet - maybe because Patons was a Scottish firm? Similarities and differences - Estonian shaped back panel knit first, three sides picked up and knit on. Bonnet square back panel worked last from one edge, other two sewn down after. Both have stand up frill, hemmed afterwards. Both have a short neckline and string right round neck. Grand-daughter has refused another hat, says hats itch her head. SO I ended up crocheting dresses for Sylvanian rabbits instead ...

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Going Round in Circles in Kegworth, March 2017

Think I can allow myself a small pat on the back and aglow of satisfaction. Single-handedly organised a conference for 52 circular sock knitting people at local hotel. 45 in room on Saturday, 36 on Sunday, 29 at official conference dinner. Three days later still recovering from the sheer physically of it, but knew I could do it, and I did it. Organising ahead on paper a doddle, marshalling 45 people into room with heavy equipment was almost Bedlam. Made a decent profit for the museum of £200, plus 10 people visited museum or joined Friends, so with Gift Aid worth £300+ to them. And they all want to do it again next year.

Tuesday, 28 February 2017

February fever and Esefen Gloves

Nearly missed February! Pancake night tonight as well. I have been busy organising Circles 17. This is a gathering of circular sock machine knitters. I did small events in 2012 and 2013 at the Framework Knitters Museum., getting 20 people each time - bit of a squash. Then in 2014 my pal Jane did an event in Coventry, only 7 of us but I w=think we all learnt a lot - the excitement there was one of the brand new machines from NZ. 2015 saw a weekend event in Bristol - 28 people. We all loved it, and sat around waiting for JO to do the same thing last year. She couldn't as she was out of the country. Summer and autumn have so many other textile events a date clash would have been inevitable. So we all sat around some more until last November I thought "Sod this" and went to look at a couple of local conference hotels and sent 80 invitations out. Now, a week before the event, there are 50 people booked in. Wow! I am not sure I will be any good at crowd management on this scale! The ever faithful Margaret will be by my side. So, I was frantically knitting socks to have in a "guess the yarn" competition. The only other knitting I was doing for myself was Esefen gloves. I had bought the book A Shetlander's Fair Isle Graph Book. One page was roughed out as the palm and back of hand patterns for a glove, entitled Norwegian. I called mine Shetland Fair Isle Norwegian, SFN, or Esefen for short. Looked up the word on Google and it exists as a type of Ibuprofen! For speed, the ribs and fingers were knitted on the Knitmaster. As usual, my tension is rubbish, especially where changing from one needle to another and there being a single contrast stitch on the edges.

Saturday, 7 January 2017


Not too far into the New Year! Organising a gathering for circular machine knitters in March. Some parts seem easy, some other parts have details which are taking far too long. Finished my Newstead Mittens. On looking at the chapel floor photo again, I see I didn't use the scrolley blue and white left edge because of fine detail. I also left out yellow lines - would have made the cuffs too long. However, added in to the general cuff pattern would make a rather nice circular yoke jumper I think. I have not other "personal" knitting on at the moment, but increasing production of socks and handwarmers for the Framework Knitters Museum and of course they roduce leftovers for the eternal bnalnkies.

Friday, 2 December 2016


Finished the Advent Calendar, now on its way to London.