Monday, 23 October 2017

Apples, apples, and yet more apples

Our James Grieve apple tree is not very big - I keep it to the height of the trellis, six foot, But it is prolific. When cooked, it does not "mush" down like a Bramley, but keeps some of its shape. It hardly needs any added sugar. Block after block has gone in the freezer, one pot of "compote" is in the fridge, cakes have been made (and eaten). When I France I came across a jam recipe meant for Granny Smith, works equally as well here, but next time I think I will use Calvados instead of vodka Twice as much fruit as sugar. Peeled, chopped. No water. Usual jam set test then throw in a slug of vodka. One variety of apple cake is a spnge mix, topped with sliced unpeeled fruit. Another variety is with chopped peeled fruit inside it (from old Preserves book). We like micnemeat tart that has a thick layer of apple under the mincemeat, then a lattice of pastry on top. All this is taking me away from my knitting! But have completed Jhn's kilt hose and a carodi for Erika. Plus Donegal tweed mitts

Friday, 6 October 2017

Oh October

Today I have achieved my three score years and ten. Do I look it?

Saturday, 16 September 2017

Great London Yarn Crawl

Gosh, what a say. Tired before I got to first shop- Left home about 6:45, train from EMP, one underground, one overground tube, then a bus, and into shop at 10:10. Made most welcome though, with tea and cakes. In fact three of the fours shops on the day provided this. Last one didn't even have any chairs, but bus stop right outside for getting back to Tufnell Park and a certain little girl's fifth birthday the next day. Three goody bags, very generous, plus bought Donegal tweed for some mitts, one sock yarn and some paper yarn for my labels. Plus a book I am saving for my birthday, on Dutch Ganseys - my usual favourite format of half history, half patterns. Interesting day, but not enough stamina to want to do it again. One of shops has given a £5 voucher to be used in next year, but no website so have to go in.....

Monday, 4 September 2017

Putting hose before chart

Somehow seem to have missed August! Went on fantastic family hols to Polperro, 22 of us. In the museum was pleased to see the story of Willie Sterr's jumper given some prominence. I came across this story many years ago in book on Cornish Knit Frocks by Mary Wright, and it was lovely to be reminded of it. Basically, woman knits Guernsey. Son (or perhaps grandson) loses jumper. Woman sees jumper a couple of years later, recognises the patterns on it, calls police. Asked how she knows it is that jumper, many others have similar patterns. “Because I knitted a W under one arm, an S under the other”. “What’s your chap’s name?” “Willie Steer”. Pointing at thief - “what’s his?” Making kilt hose for John, did soem measuring up in Polperro. As I am going on a short workshop in November on cables, this made me think I am perhaps putting the hose before the chart, as by then I will probably be quite sick of Aran type yarn.

Saturday, 29 July 2017

Hang about

At last got round to making more coat hanger covers. The "scribble" yarn will go on for ever, I think. Also can't think what else to do with it, so flimsy on its own, would lose some of its charm if doubled up. Have used lots of material ends on kinchaku bags - not knitted, but the cords are crocheted so that's how they have worked their way into this blog. Plans for rest of year - Yarn Crawl in London, KHF in London, organise Encounter Eighteen (shh! last one top secret)

Thursday, 20 July 2017


The sock yarn leftovers are avalanching out of the cupboard. I am accumulating them faster than I can handknit diamonds for blankets, so it's time to get out the Knitmaster. First up, a cover for the boxy cushion of K's wheelchair. Successful measurements meant it fitted first time. Then to cover the rather nice cushion interior I bought at Dunelm, 12 ins by 20 ins. I had intended a Harris tweed (also yarn leftovers!) cover for London, but discovered it was filled with duck feathers, and veggie son might object to that, as ducks are not usually plucked until they have been disposed of for food. So sock yarn leftovers, worked short stripe fashion, and with a plain piped surround - cheat piping, five stitches worked flat, it curls naturally. The Knitmaster tends to skip a bit on slipstitch setting for tubes. SO that has used about half a bag (of four). Cannot cover the world in random patchwork, so wondering what to do next...

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

July - summer's here again!

Into the swing of things and had an urge to make beaded jug covers. Did a batch of six for the museum, backed with lemonade recipe. They are having a vintage fair later in the year (day after we come back from Polperro, so can't take part)